Advertising Sketches

AD sketches banner LR 01


I added some sam­ples of the quick n’ sketchy draw­ings that I did for pre­vi­ous clients on their projects.  Some­times clients just want some­thing loose and sketchy for their pitches or pre­sen­ta­tion decks, these are the types of draw­ings I pro­vide for their projects.  You can see them on the Con­cept Art page.

UPDATE! You can now see One More Game in it’s entirety

1 More Game screen shot 01

Film by Ros­tam Sar­ves­tani — Sto­ry­boards by David Juarez

Great News!  I just got word from the direc­tor and he’s sent me a copy of the film for my site.  Click on the pic or go to the Sto­ry­board page, down to where it is to check it out.  I’ve also added a few more pages of the sto­ry­boards so you can get a bet­ter sense of the visual story telling.

New commercial storyboards for

FABkids post art 01              I worked on a few com­mer­cials for the good folks over at  You can see sam­ples on the Sto­ry­boards page of things like a room full of pup­pies, a lady lick­ing a sub­way han­dle, a girl grind­ing a “big” man and, seen above, kids at a school dance.  Cheers!


Here’s a quick look at my storyboarding process.

Hammer Time Board Samples 01

This is how I go about cre­at­ing sto­ry­boards for clients.  A bulk of the work hap­pens on the pages of the script I receive.  That is where I break down the action, sto­ry­telling and pac­ing of the boards.  I do this by sketch­ing lit­tle thumb­nails in the mar­gins of the script next to the descrip­tions and spo­ken lines.  For this part of the process I like work­ing with the direc­tor to best and quickly cap­ture their “vision” for their film.  Once the thumb­nails are approved I move on to what you see above.  I sketch out the roughs at full size with a bit more detail from the thumb­nails, after that I draw over the rough and clean things up.  Next I drop away the rough sketch reveal­ing the clean draw­ing and if there’s time, I add some gray tones and gra­da­tions to it to give it some depth and lighting.

Some­times clients have very small bud­gets and/or only give me a very com­pressed sched­ule to work on these projects, so what ends up hap­pen­ing is they might only get the roughs or clean draw­ings.  If it’s a super rushed job and the project is lengthy, then thy might only get the thumb­nails.  It all depends on how put together things are by the time they want me to cre­ate the boards.  I’ve had clients that had ref­er­ence pho­tos of all the loca­tions, key props, actor head shots and a clear vision for their project start to fin­ish.  Those are pretty great gigs to get.  Oth­ers some­times have noth­ing really worked out and expect mir­a­cles, those are the ones that end up get­ting tough when they have high expec­ta­tions and expect for you to some­how read their minds.  My goal is always to do the very best for my client.  They have cho­sen and put their trust in me to help them with their project and I don’t take that lightly.  My job as the sto­ry­board artist is to meet and hope­fully add to and exceed the goals and aims of the direc­tors and pro­duc­ers.  A good sto­ry­board lays things out not just for the direc­tor but for every­one involved in the pro­duc­tion and ulti­mately saves every­one time and money.

Short film storyboards

Hammer Time David Juarez 01

I sto­ry­boarded a short indie film late last month.  It’s a fun (dark com­edy) story about a guy and his par­tic­u­lar addic­tion.  It’s sup­posed to go into pro­duc­tion next month so hope­fully I’ll have some stills and maybe a trailer to show in the next month or so.  For the moment I can show you guy a few of the boards I cre­ated.  You can find those in the sto­ry­boards page.

I once sculpted a full size replica of the IRON THRONE from Game of Thrones.

About 4 1/2 years back I worked for a com­pany that built all kinds of things for the enter­tain­ment indus­try.  One day my boss comes over and says “hey, you know how to sculpt right?  Come on over and give us a hand with this”  That ‘hand’ turned out to mean for me to do 90% of the final sculpt­ing.  It was this big chair thing made of swords for some new HBO show com­ing out.  They said it was called Game of Thrones.  I thought, “well that sounds lame.”  Every once in a while some guy from HBO would come by to have a look at the progress.  He seemed so stoked.  It was a good hard week of work in the dead of win­ter in a ware­house with no heat, and I was sculpt­ing it from hard foam so it was a night­mare work­ing with the foam dust in the air and cov­er­ing every­thing.  I don’t know if peo­ple know this but the scan we got from the orig­i­nal metal sculp­ture had a sword point com­ing out of the seat.  So it seams you were sup­posed to stab your­self in the butt when sit­ting on it.  I had to remove that bit see­ing as this was orig­i­nally meant to be a replica taken to var­i­ous shows and con­ven­tions to pro­mote the show.  It had to be safe to sit in.

It turned out pretty great.  I took some pic­tures while I was work­ing on it and it seems my hand makes an appear­ance on the site where you can read the arti­cle about it.  That guy in the plaid shirt isn’t me, that must be the guy who made the cast or the painter.   You can order one for your­self now from the HBO store for a mere 30 grand.  Yikes!  If you should ever see one of these repli­cas in per­son, make sure to take a good look around it.  You might just find some­ones ini­tials carved in a few places 😉



Advertising work

I just got fin­ished doing a bit of work on a few projects for some friends at an Ad agency.  I just posted some con­cept illus­tra­tions I did on the Con­cept Art page.  Check those out.   Cheers!

Greyscale illustration detail 01

New Storyboards Posted!!

New SB sample 02

Hey guys!

I just posted a cou­ple of new sam­ples of my sto­ry­board work for you to check out.  They’re both adver­tis­ing work but one I had about 7 hours to work on  and the other I had 2–3 hours.  I thought it would be good to show what a rushed job looks like and what a “nor­mal” paced job looks like.

There’s a lot of problem-solving that goes on when you sto­ry­board and that needs time to think things through and run the logis­tics in your head to not only give your client what they’re look­ing for but also to give them some­thing that’s actu­ally shoot-able when they go into pro­duc­tion and makes that part of their job eas­ier, and also so what you’re look­ing at (as a first time viewer) makes sense and your able to fol­low the story eas­ily.  Thanks for reading.




Brand new banner. banner

Noth­ing really new here.  I use these ban­ners when I apply to free­lance jobs and things.  It’s basi­cally a way to show some of my skills before they even head over to my web­site.  You have to do what­ever you can to set your­self apart from the next guy going for the job.  The one I was using before lead peo­ple to my blog site, so I fig­ured I’d update one for the new website.

Ghostbusters!! in progress… sort of.


Ghostbuster beat 01 LR

Ghostbusters beat 02 LR

So.. One of the var­i­ous ser­vices I offer my clients is story-beats to quickly and in a hand full of images be able to com­mu­ni­cate the idea behind their film or project.  a lit­tle while back I got the idea of cre­at­ing some story-beat sam­ples to show clients that might be inter­ested in that sort of thing but aren’t sure how story-beats dif­fer from sto­ry­boards, hope­fully this would clears things up for them.  Ghost­busters being one of my favorite movies, I thought it would make for great story-beat sam­ples.  Well halfway through that lit­tle project my com­puter crashed in glo­ri­ous fashion.


Well I learned my les­son.  So until I can get some genius to get my files back, all I have to show from this project is these two really crappy prints that I printed to show a friend my progress.  Good thing I did, or else I’d have noth­ing at all to show.  I was in the mid­dle of the third one out of five.  So here are the first two beats.


Lots more content!!!

Hey guys,

I’ve been work­ing to post all kinds of stuff for you guys to check out.  Some of these have never seen the light of day, so I’m exited to finally put them up.  There is still lots to do to get this new site up to snuff so I’ll be busy.  Thanks for stop­ping by.


Haha!! my new portfolio site.

I’ll be upload­ing all kinds of new con­tent in the fol­low­ing days.  So until this site is ready please visit my blog @ for more con­tent.  Thanks for stop­ping by and come back soon to see all the stuff I put up.