Ghostbusters!! in progress… sort of.


Ghostbuster beat 01 LR

Ghostbusters beat 02 LR

So.. One of the var­i­ous ser­vices I offer my clients is story-beats to quickly and in a hand full of images be able to com­mu­ni­cate the idea behind their film or project.  a lit­tle while back I got the idea of cre­at­ing some story-beat sam­ples to show clients that might be inter­ested in that sort of thing but aren’t sure how story-beats dif­fer from sto­ry­boards, hope­fully this would clears things up for them.  Ghost­busters being one of my favorite movies, I thought it would make for great story-beat sam­ples.  Well halfway through that lit­tle project my com­puter crashed in glo­ri­ous fashion.


Well I learned my les­son.  So until I can get some genius to get my files back, all I have to show from this project is these two really crappy prints that I printed to show a friend my progress.  Good thing I did, or else I’d have noth­ing at all to show.  I was in the mid­dle of the third one out of five.  So here are the first two beats.