New Storyboards Posted!!

New SB sample 02

Hey guys!

I just posted a cou­ple of new sam­ples of my sto­ry­board work for you to check out.  They’re both adver­tis­ing work but one I had about 7 hours to work on  and the other I had 2–3 hours.  I thought it would be good to show what a rushed job looks like and what a “nor­mal” paced job looks like.

There’s a lot of problem-solving that goes on when you sto­ry­board and that needs time to think things through and run the logis­tics in your head to not only give your client what they’re look­ing for but also to give them some­thing that’s actu­ally shoot-able when they go into pro­duc­tion and makes that part of their job eas­ier, and also so what you’re look­ing at (as a first time viewer) makes sense and your able to fol­low the story eas­ily.  Thanks for reading.