I once sculpted a full size replica of the IRON THRONE from Game of Thrones.

About 4 1/2 years back I worked for a com­pany that built all kinds of things for the enter­tain­ment indus­try.  One day my boss comes over and says “hey, you know how to sculpt right?  Come on over and give us a hand with this”  That ‘hand’ turned out to mean for me to do 90% of the final sculpt­ing.  It was this big chair thing made of swords for some new HBO show com­ing out.  They said it was called Game of Thrones.  I thought, “well that sounds lame.”  Every once in a while some guy from HBO would come by to have a look at the progress.  He seemed so stoked.  It was a good hard week of work in the dead of win­ter in a ware­house with no heat, and I was sculpt­ing it from hard foam so it was a night­mare work­ing with the foam dust in the air and cov­er­ing every­thing.  I don’t know if peo­ple know this but the scan we got from the orig­i­nal metal sculp­ture had a sword point com­ing out of the seat.  So it seams you were sup­posed to stab your­self in the butt when sit­ting on it.  I had to remove that bit see­ing as this was orig­i­nally meant to be a replica taken to var­i­ous shows and con­ven­tions to pro­mote the show.  It had to be safe to sit in.

It turned out pretty great.  I took some pic­tures while I was work­ing on it and it seems my hand makes an appear­ance on the ufunk.net site where you can read the arti­cle about it.  That guy in the plaid shirt isn’t me, that must be the guy who made the cast or the painter.   You can order one for your­self now from the HBO store for a mere 30 grand.  Yikes!  If you should ever see one of these repli­cas in per­son, make sure to take a good look around it.  You might just find some­ones ini­tials carved in a few places 😉