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About Seriousblue22

Professional Illustrator, Storyboard Artist and Concept Artist.

Advertising Sketches

  I added some sam­ples of the quick n’ sketchy draw­ings that I did for pre­vi­ous clients on their projects.  Some­times clients just want some­thing loose and sketchy for their pitches or pre­sen­ta­tion decks, these are the types of draw­ings I pro­vide for their projects.  You can see them on the Con­cept Art page.

Short film storyboards

I sto­ry­boarded a short indie film late last month.  It’s a fun (dark com­edy) story about a guy and his par­tic­u­lar addic­tion.  It’s sup­posed to go into pro­duc­tion next month so hope­fully I’ll have some stills and maybe a trailer to show in the next month or so.  For the moment I can show you […]

Advertising work

I just got fin­ished doing a bit of work on a few projects for some friends at an Ad agency.  I just posted some con­cept illus­tra­tions I did on the Con­cept Art page.  Check those out.   Cheers!

New Storyboards Posted!!

Hey guys! I just posted a cou­ple of new sam­ples of my sto­ry­board work for you to check out.  They’re both adver­tis­ing work but one I had about 7 hours to work on  and the other I had 2–3 hours.  I thought it would be good to show what a rushed job looks like and […]

Brand new banner.

Noth­ing really new here.  I use these ban­ners when I apply to free­lance jobs and things.  It’s basi­cally a way to show some of my skills before they even head over to my web­site.  You have to do what­ever you can to set your­self apart from the next guy going for the job.  The one […]

Ghostbusters!! in progress… sort of.

  So.. One of the var­i­ous ser­vices I offer my clients is story-beats to quickly and in a hand full of images be able to com­mu­ni­cate the idea behind their film or project.  a lit­tle while back I got the idea of cre­at­ing some story-beat sam­ples to show clients that might be inter­ested in that […]

Lots more content!!!

Hey guys, I’ve been work­ing to post all kinds of stuff for you guys to check out.  Some of these have never seen the light of day, so I’m exited to finally put them up.  There is still lots to do to get this new site up to snuff so I’ll be busy.  Thanks for […]

Haha!! my new portfolio site.

I’ll be upload­ing all kinds of new con­tent in the fol­low­ing days.  So until this site is ready please visit my blog @ for more con­tent.  Thanks for stop­ping by and come back soon to see all the stuff I put up. Cheers!