Concept Art

Adver­tis­ing Sketches

Often times my adver­tis­ing clients need illus­tra­tions that are more detailed than sketchy sto­ry­board type draw­ings but not super tight or super detailed.  This style (below)of draw­ings tend to work out pretty nicely.  If I have the time for it or if they need some­thing that pops a bit more I add in some tones to help push the impor­tant bits and to add depth.

Advertising Sketches LR01 Advertising Sketches LR02


Adver­tis­ing Con­cept Art for a Web game

I used to do lots of these back in the day.  Here is one from a web game asso­ci­ated with Hungry-Man din­ners that I did for an ad agency.  The idea was that you could play as either a white-collar office type, a col­lege guy or a blue-collar worker type.  Then you could try to get the best score pos­si­ble on the car­ni­val style strength tester.  After­wards you’d get a sug­ges­tion of the lat­est Hungry-man meal or get a coupon or some­thing towards buy­ing some microwave dinners.

Test your strength, Hungry-man style.

Test your strength, Hungry-man style.

Adver­tis­ing Con­cept Illustrations

I was hired to do a cou­ple of illus­tra­tions for a pitch packet for a new RIDGID vac­uum.  It’s a heavy duty wet/dry vac that can han­dle any mess that can hap­pen in or out of the house.  These grey scale illus­tra­tions turned out great.  I was a bit wor­ried about these before I got started because my client wanted a lot of dif­fer­ent things going on in the back­ground.  The first illus­tra­tion high­lights these points.  The sec­ond illus­tra­tion is about the mess that can hap­pen when you move in to a new place and the clue­less movers make things worse.  The whole idea is very DIY inspired.  I’m so happy with the way these turned out.  I was inspired a bit by those Where’s Waldo illus­tra­tions as you can tell.  Here are the two illus­tra­tions as well as some of the final ads that were based off the art.


Movie Crea­ture Design

I worked closely with a great pro­ducer who asked me to help design the crea­ture for his up com­ing crea­ture fea­ture.  We were all really happy and exited about how it turned out.  Here are a few quick pre­lim­i­nary sketches that I sent to help nail down the over all shape and atti­tude of what we had in mind.  I’m includ­ing a sneak peek at the crea­tures final paws.  As you can see, it’s going to be some­thing very different.


New GM Duster concept

New Duster Concpet low res 01


After see­ing how they brought back the Dodge Chal­lenger, I thought of what other Mopar mus­cle car could use a mod­ern revival.  I found this pic­ture of a 1970 Ply­mouth Duster.  Ply­mouth is now sadly not with us any­more but I did a mod­ern take based off the Camaro plat­form and styling.  If you can’t tell, it’s the one on the left.

Find­ing Big­foot Concepts

Bigfoot Tools concepts low res 01


I drew these up just for fun.  After sit­ting down one after­noon and catch­ing a Find­ing Big­foot marathon.  I notice that they really need bet­ter equip­ment if they’re going to “Find” and hope­fully one day catch a bigfoot.

Western/Steampunk Char­ac­ter Design



I cre­ated these for a pro­posed wester styled steam­punk video adven­ture game.  It’s a really great con­cept.  When can you play a pirate and travel a fan­tasy vic­to­rian world fight­ing vam­pires, zom­bies and other monsters?

Ecto-1 for Ghost­busters 3



Back in col­lege, a buddy and I thought it would be really fun to con­cep­tu­al­ize the Ghost­busters 3 movie we’d want to see.  So we wrote up an out­line for a third film that’s full of the awe­some things that hol­ly­wood would never green light.  One of the designs I came up with was a more mod­ern take on the groups’ vehi­cle, the Ecto-1.  See­ing as the threats get big­ger and more pow­er­ful in every movie, we thought they’d need a vehi­cle that could take what­ever the ghosts throw at them.  So we based the new Ecto-1 off of the lat­est hum­mer.  It’s serves as a trans­port, tank, and a base of com­mu­ni­ca­tions oper­a­tions while in the field.


Char­ac­ter concepts



These are char­ac­ter con­cepts I did for dif­fer­ent projects a few years ago.  I just grouped them together here so you could see them together.

Deep-Space Shut­tle

Space Military concepts 01


Here are some vehi­cle con­cepts for a NASA style deep space shut­tle.  The idea is that it would be used as a trans­port to travel to space sta­tions located around other plan­ets or sta­tion­ary research sta­tions in deep space.  These are designed to trans­port a crew of 8–12 astro­nauts.  The bot­tom sketch is of a osprey inspired medium heli­copter for drop­ping a large squad or small pla­toon quickly and quietly.