Mighty Car Mods — T-shirt design con­cept art

Blair (Moog) from Mighty Car Mods got in touch with me to do some designs for them so they could expand the items in their shop.  This is the ini­tial design to come from the project.  It was inspired by vin­tage box­ing and wrestling arena posters.  Ini­tially it was going to fea­ture last years MX-5 vs. the S2000 rivalry.  They thought one of their older rival­ries would work best so it turned in to the Silvia/Liberty Wagon bat­tle.  Find­ing good ref­er­ence images of two cars not offered in the States at the right hight and angles turned out to be the most dif­fi­cult part.  I really liked the way it turned out.  It was a lit­tle bit more detailed than the other designs on their store site so I was sure it would be a great addi­tion for the fans.  Sadly I found out once it was fin­ished that they’re mov­ing things around in their whole dis­tri­b­u­tion end of their busi­ness and new designs were not going to fit in at the moment.  Bad luck.  At least you guys get to see the design here.


Some New Designs for Pis­tons and Gears

I cre­ate t-shirt designs now and again for the small bou­tique com­pany ‘Pis­tons and Gears.’  You can buy these designs at:  Pis­ton­sAndGearsEtsy.


The Future of White Sands — Matte Painting

White Sands matte painting David Juarez


This is a matte paint­ing I did a while back.  The idea was that in the near future, the Big One hit’s the south­west and cre­ates an expan­sion of the Gulf of Cal­i­for­nia so that White Sands New mex­ico now an ocean front city.  This cou­pled with one of three U.S. space ports has brought a lot of pros­per­ity to the city.  My favorite addi­tion is the cliff­side drive-in that’s screen­ing old Three Stooges shorts.


Cards for Friends

I would cre­ate these for friends back when I worked in adver­tis­ing.  Birth­days and farewells were usu­ally the occa­sions, so some were happy some where a bit sad.  I would print these out on dou­ble sided card stock, fold them very cleanly and they would get passed around for every­one to sign.  That was my way of say­ing thanks to that per­son.  I would love the look on their faces when they would receive the card.  Lots of love.

Clas­sic and Fast” — T Shirt Designs

Any­body who knows me knows I love cars.  They are sculp­tures on wheels that have a util­i­tar­ian func­tion of get­ting you from point A to B, but they also can give you an expe­ri­ence with vast emo­tional range, all the while demon­strat­ing the per­sons pas­sion.  I’ve been screen print­ing for years and cre­ated these designs for a new brand I’m devel­op­ing.  The idea is to emu­late the energy and pas­sion of sin­gle color con­cert T-Shirts.  On the design side, it’s a great chal­lenge to only use one color to cre­ate every­thing in your design.  All the gra­da­tions and effects are pulled off using tech­niques the will trans­fer over in the screen print­ing process.


Book Cover Illustration

Vagabond - Cover art final


I was hired to illus­trate this book cover for a Euro­pean pub­lisher.  It’s a fan­tasy, swords and sor­cery detec­tive story.  I did this in a noir style to empha­size the moody mys­tery of the story.  It turned out fan­tas­tic.  My client was very happy and they were great to work with.  I hope we do some more of these.  This was cre­ated digitally.


The Lonely Tower

Cliff tower concept low res 02


This is a dig­i­tal illus­tra­tion that I was inspired to do after I read that line some­where.  I don’t know why but a viking hall seemed to fit pretty well.


The Rare Blue Rose

I painted this as a gift because the actual blue rose flower would have cost a small for­tune.  On the up side, this one will never wilt or die.   This was done in gouache treated thinly, much like water color.

Land­scape paintings

These are 3 land­scape paint­ings I did on loca­tion.  The Cen­tral park one is a blend of tra­di­tional gouache paint­ing and dig­i­tal paint­ing.  The water fall at the L.A. arbore­tum is com­pletely tra­di­tional and the other one is com­pletely dig­i­tal.  I did these a few years ago back in school.  I did these as an exper­i­ment to see the advan­tages of work­ing either tra­di­tion­ally or dig­i­tally, then I blended the best of the two as best I could.