The Ulti­mate Con­quest — short film storyboards

I worked on this project back in 2010 with the writer/director of this script, a very cool guy named Nikita Zubarev.  It’s a very sweet short about a nerdy lit­tle boy that has a crush on the new girl that moved in across the street.  At the time I was work­ing at a com­pany that didn’t like the idea of work­ing on out­side projects on com­pany com­put­ers even on our down time.  So this ended up being in pen­cil so I could work on it on my lunch break and at cof­fee shops.  The idea behind this film was that it was going to be entirely with­out dia­logue, there was going to be some cute music behind all the visu­als so the story really needed to read visu­ally.  I’ll post the pages bel­low and narrate.

Ultimate Conquest boards 01

This whole sto­ry­board reads left to right, top to bot­tom just like reg­u­lar with the excep­tion of a cou­ple of spots like the first shot which is a long dolly shot that runs from right to left that estab­lished our main char­ac­ter play­ing with his nerdy toys in his liv­ing room with the TV on the the background.

Our main char­ac­ter is mind­ing his own busi­ness, play­ing with his toys in the liv­ing room when he sud­denly hears a sound from out­side.  He inves­ti­gates and finds that there a new girl liv­ing the house across the street and boy does he think she’s cute.  On the TV in the back­ground a com­mer­cial comes on for a new cologne.  “Women can’t resist” it claims, and he sees a man sweep­ing a beau­ti­ful woman off her feet.  Inspi­ra­tion strikes and next we get an estab­lish­ing shot of the girls house.  A close up on her front door when some­one sud­denly knocks.  She comes to the door and the boy smiles and presents her with a sin­gle rose.

Ultimate Conquest boards 02

She’s shocked by all of this.  She takes the rose, exam­ines it and scowls at him.  She drops the rose and slams the door in his face.  What did he do wrong?  He won­ders.  As he walks back home he sees an older cou­ple walk­ing along.  He notices how much that lady seems to love that guys scruffy beard.  He rushes home.  Next we find him in the bath­room in front of the mir­ror with one of his moms make-up pen­cils.  He draws in a beard, pulls off his glasses and thinks “She’ll love this.”

Ultimate Conquest boards 03

Back at her door, he knocks.  Again he presents her with a rose and pro­ceeds to pose “casu­ally” against the wall so she can gaze upon his mag­nif­i­cent new beard.  Again, she shakes her head dis­miss­ing him and slams the door.  Cut to him sit­ting on the curb out­side her house won­der­ing what went wrong.  He then sees some­thing in the dis­tance that’s get­ting closer.  It’s a cou­ple out for a run.  He watches them pass and again inspi­ra­tion strikes.  Cut to a mon­tage of a him get­ting ready in what he thinks is a sporty out­fit.  Back at her house, she’s out­side water­ing her plants and gets to the spot where there are some roses missing.

Ultimate Conquest boards 04

She’s really annoyed by this just then she hears some­one behind her.  She turns to see the boy in his new get-up.  She shakes her head again.  He, not pay­ing atten­tion, begins to power walk down the street when sud­denly he trips and is down for the count.  She gives a small gig­gle.  We see him where he bit the dust, the cam­era pulls back and turns to reveal him on the ground, tripped over a box some­one threw out.  Back at his place he digs for some­thing in the freezer.  He closes the door and goes to sit on the couch where he places the bag of frozen peas on his scrapped knee.  He turns on the TV to a com­mer­cial for some work­out pro­gram and sees a ripped dude with big muscles.

Ultimate Conquest boards 05

Yet again, inspi­ra­tion!  He looks and his soft tummy and he won­ders.  Smash cut to his liv­ing room, then in the fore­ground we see him rise up, shak­ing as he gives it his all before lying back down.  Then again he comes up not as high as before, then one more time when he finally col­lapses with exhaus­tion.  From above we see him sprawled on the floor.  He turns and sees a few ran­dom things on the floor next to him one of which is a marker.  Back at her door he knocks.  When she comes to the door there’s no one there.  She looks out and sees some­one mow­ing the lawn.  The young boy comes in to view, still wear­ing most of his sporty out fit and still wear­ing the fake beard, only this time he’s drawn on some abs that look more like a tick-tac-toe game on his stom­ach.  He stops to let her take it all in.

Ultimate Conquest boards 06

Cut to a close up of his new “abs,” and we pan up to see how proud he is.  She waves.  Pleased to finally get a response, he waves back.  She con­tin­ues to look on with a smile, he begins to sus­pect some­thing is up.  He turns to see another boy behind him, that’s who she was wav­ing to.  He’s an older boy with a cool jacket and a skate­board.  Real­iz­ing this it makes him sad, he lets go of the mower and runs home.  The mower, set to auto, rides away.  Back at his house he walks back to the bath­room where he looks at every­thing he’s done to change who he is.  He cleans up, puts his shirt with the peanut but­ter and jelly stains back on and stands in his room.

Ultimate Conquest boards 07

He looks at all his nerdy/geeky stuff around his room and is reminded of the per­son he is.  The per­son he’s happy to be.  In the mir­ror he looks at him­self and then goes on to clean him­self up a bit, but wear­ing his nor­mal clothes.  Back at her door, this time from the inside, she comes to the door and sees him.  He looks dif­fer­ent, more sin­cere.  He smiles and gives her a big kiss.  She’s so sur­prised by all this.

Ultimate Conquest boards 08

She decides that it’s quite nice.  They stop and take a step back and she real­izes all the silly things he did to try and get her atten­tion and that he’s a very thought­ful guy.  He smiles and starts walk­ing back to his place.  On the way he sees that older guy and throws him a casual head nod, and con­tin­ues on his way.  Medium shot of her push­ing in to a close up, she real­izes that she kind of likes him.  She waves at him, across the street he waves back.  She looks on smit­ten.  From her POV look­ing across the street we see the rogue mower, still run­ning wild, rolls across the lawn. End.

I really liked this story.  It was very cute and treated young crushes with the inno­cence I felt was dead on.  I think many of us have had moments in our youth where we looked on to a cute girl stand­ing across the room and won­dered how we were going to get her to like us.  A cute, silly and clas­sic tale of young love.

Sto­ry­boards for Just­FAB and FABkids commercials

I worked on a series of com­mer­cials for the fan­tas­tic peo­ple over at Just­FAB and their children’s site FABkids.  Here are 3 of the sev­eral com­mer­cial I devel­oped for them.  They didn’t need any­thing super pol­ished which was help­ful con­sid­er­ing there was so much to do.

This first sam­ple is a really cute story for FABkids.  It’s about a shy girl at her first school dance.  Because she dressed well and had a help­ing had from mom, she mus­tered up the con­fi­dence to get the party started.  It was a really fan­tas­tic script.  When the com­mer­cial comes out I’ll be sure to add the video here for you guys to see.  The tough­est part of this board was that I had to draw large groups of chil­dren and they all had to be wear­ing the var­i­ous out­fits that are sold on the FABkids web­site.  There’s no short­cut to accom­plish­ing this, you just have to buckle down and draw out every detail on every kid.  My favorite shot is that of the par­ents and teach­ers danc­ing at the end.  The gym coach “vouge“ing on the right will be fun to see in the commercial.

This sec­ond sam­ple was called the “Fash­ion Bat­tle.”  Its about a group of neigh­bor­hood girls who get together to have a back­yard fash­ion show.  They get attacked with water bal­loons by the neigh­bor­hood boys, this opens things up for girls vs. boys water bal­loon bat­tle.  It’s basi­cally a bunch of shots of kids run­ning around the front and back yard of this big prop­erty that sets the stage for the bat­tle.  Ulti­mately with a bit of help from mom, the girls win and force the boys to join the fash­ion show.

These last two sam­ples are from a series of com­mer­cials based on the same theme for  It based around two women in a dream closet with hun­dreds of pairs of amaz­ing shoes.  In the first one, the friend asked what the other would trade for the closet full of shoes.  In the sec­ond sam­ple, instead of trad­ing, the friend asked what she would rather do to keep the shoes.

These were really fun to do and the guys I worked with were really nice.  Hope­fully I get to work with them again soon.


One More Game — Indie Film storyboards

This was a fun project to work on.  The direc­tor Ros­tam Sar­ves­tani is a very pas­sion­ate direc­tor.  This is set to go in to pro­duc­tion next month and I’m exited to see this come to life.  With­out giv­ing away too much I wanted to post these boards for you guys.  I look for­ward to updat­ing this with film still and video from that project.

UPDATE:  I’ve received a copy of the video and have posted it her for you guy to see.  Along with the video, I’ve added a few more pages of my sto­ry­boards so you can com­pare to the video.  Click on the link to down­load the film.  I con­verted it to a super small file so it should be quick and won’t take up too much space.  When I fin­ished there were 44 pages of sto­ry­boards for this film.

ONE MORE GAME LR 01      <————-CLICK HERE to down­load the film.

I.R. laser Ther­mome­ters — commercial

This is a com­mer­cial I sto­ry­boarded for a great group of folks over at the Mitchell + Palmer agency.  They were work­ing with the peo­ple from FLUKE on their new line of laser ther­mome­ters.  Here are some sam­ple frames from that job.

Vla­sic pick­les — commercial

Here’s a really funny/sexy com­mer­cial I did for Vla­sic pick­les.  It reminds me of a time I did a sto­ry­board for an AXE body spray com­mer­cial in con­junc­tion with Wal­mart and I got a bit of grief from the Wal­mart peo­ple for draw­ing the girl in the boards “too provoca­tive.”  Any way, here’s the com­plete boards.

Dairy Queen — commercial

In this com­mer­cial for Dairy Queen, these three boys try to pull one over on the store man­ager.  It doesn’t end up working.

Web Com­mer­cial — Storyboards

These are sam­ples of com­mer­cials cre­ated to pro­mote the “Back to School Sav­ings” at a major retailer.  Each com­mer­cial was directed towards the dif­fer­ent peo­ple asso­ci­ated with Back to School time.  The first one is for the teenage girls want­ing to be fash­ion­able as they go back for the new school year.  The sec­ond one is for par­ents look­ing to set their kids up right for school.  The third is for teacher and other school staff look­ing to give par­ents tips on get­ting exactly what their kids will need for school.  These sam­ples are for­mat­ted for adver­tis­ing decks.

AXE — commercial

Here are some sto­ry­boards I cre­ated for an AXE com­mer­cial.  Like always, women end up get­ting all hot and both­ered by the end.  This was for a series of 4 or 5 com­mer­cials that fol­low more or less the same sequence of events.  In this exam­ple a heated meet­ing gets heated in a dif­fer­ent way.

Miller beer commercial

I did these for a pro­duc­tion com­pany work­ing with Miller beer.  The scripts where really funny.  There’s noth­ing bet­ter than drunken old peo­ple.  Here are a few sam­ples from those boards.  Enjoy.


Web Ads for Huggies

I did these a while back and recently found them on an old hard drive.  I cranked these out pretty quick I think I had a cou­ple of hours so they aren’t too detailed but there’s enough there to sell the idea.  I thought you guys would like see­ing some fast pace adver­tis­ing work.

If I remem­ber cor­rectly, the idea behind these is 3 adven­tures that baby has (all seen from the baby’s POV) while mommy has left baby with Daddy while she runs some errands, so this all the stuff that Daddy does with baby while Mommy is away.

In this first one, Daddy’s friends come over and play with baby like he’s/she’s a foot­ball.  Some­thing Mommy would never allow but it’s all good because baby’s wear­ing hug­gies, so there’s no fear of any leaks happening.

This sec­ond one Daddy takes baby to the park, but before they leave he makes sure baby’s wear­ing Hug­gies so their adven­ture will be acci­dent free.

For this last one, Mommy gets going so Daddy is in charge, and he’s way more relaxed about stuff.  Baby watches Daddy work­out then baby escapes and almost gets in to the drier, but Daddy is there to save the day.  Then Daddy puts baby down for his/her nap.   And they all end with the end card where the prod­uct and the mes­sage is made very clear along with a CTA but­ton.  CTA mean “Call To Action”, basi­cally its where the viewer can decide whether to click on the button(s) that will be a link to where they can buy the prod­uct or the prod­uct company’s site or whatever.


UCLA — Film Stu­dent Boards

UCLA DJ boards 01L UCLA DJ boards 02L

UCLA DJ boards 03L UCLA DJ boards 04L


I cre­ated these for a stu­dent study­ing film over at UCLA.  They turned out great and he was very happy with these.  When I cre­ate boards for some­one, I ask for a copy of the script, a detailed shot list and ref­er­ence imagery.  These help me get a bet­ter idea of what the direc­tor has in mind.  Sto­ry­board artists unfor­tu­nately are not mind read­ers…  But this stu­dent gave me the most put-together and orga­nized packet of info I’ve received in a long time.  Absolutely fan­tas­tic.  I wish I had more clients like this.


Hyatt — Com­mer­cial Storyboards

Hyatt-Logo-Blue low res 01


Here are some sam­ples from a sto­ry­board I did for Hyatt hotels.  It takes place in a cabana by the pool where two friends talk about a creep yoga instruc­tor who had other things beside yoga on his mind.  I think it’s meant as web con­tent rather than a  TV com­mer­cial.  I did the whole thing dig­i­tally and it turned out great.


Zom­bies!!!  Animatic/Storyboards


Every­one want’s to work on a zom­bie movie, at least once.  I am no dif­fer­ent, so I was super exited to be a part of this film project.  It’s a slightly dif­fer­ent take on your tra­di­tional zom­bies but in a good way.  Here are some sam­ples of the boards I cre­ated for their pitch project and the ani­matic they went on to cre­ate.  I think my favorite part is when they focus on the bunny rab­bit.  I can scratch another item off my bucket list.  These were done digitally.


Rick and Morty — Ani­ma­tion Storyboards

I did these board as a test for a new show called the Adven­tures of Rick and Morty, some­thing like that.  It’s a pretty funny show, I wish I could have stayed on to con­tinue work­ing on these.  I am really proud of how these turned out.  One of the tough­est things I thought would be stay­ing on model with the style of the show, but after the first few pages it became sec­ond nature and I found myself really com­fort­able with all the char­ac­ters and I noticed I was draw­ing things out a lot faster.  It would be great to work on some more ani­ma­tion projects.


Pasadena City Col­lege — Com­mer­cial — Storyboards

Years ago I was a hard work­ing stu­dent at Pasadena City Col­lege, so when the direc­tor for this project got in touch with me, you can image the smile that came on my face when he said it was for a com­mer­cial for P.C.C.   It was one of those rare occa­sions where I didn’t need any ref­er­ence images to “see” what the direc­tor had in mind.  It was a blast to be able to give back to the place that gave me so much.  These are some sam­ples and they were all done dig­i­tally.  The idea behind these is that they show the trans­for­ma­tion from stu­dent to pro­fes­sional when they fol­low their dreams and attend P.C.C.


Web Con­tent — Com­mer­cial — Storybeats

I was hired to cre­ate these sto­ry­beats for an web adver­tis­ing cam­paign.  There are some pretty big name brands and names attached to this project and as you can see.  When they went to film it turned out great.  I remem­ber the direc­tor get­ting in touch with me and per­son­ally thank­ing me for my work.  He told me how, thanks to my illus­tra­tions, they were able to knock these shots out quickly and stayed ahead of sched­ule.  Every­one involved with that pro­duc­tion were really great people.


Break­through” Com­mer­cial Storyboards

These sto­ry­boards were for a com­mer­cial offer­ing edu­ca­tional tutor­ing ser­vices.  The script said that after the peo­ple try the ser­vice they all do a “happy” dance.  I wasn’t sure what that meant so I drew them “walk­ing like egyp­tians.”  I’m not sure most kids will even get that ref­er­ence.  I cre­ated these digitally.


Under the Earth­quake” — Storyboards


Here are a few sam­ples from a short film I sto­ry­boarded called “Under the Earth­quake.”  It’s a short effects heavy film.  It takes place mostly in a big under­ground bunker city where the sur­vivors of a tragic series of earth­quakes live and strug­gle to rebuild.  The air out­side on the sur­face is toxic and poi­so­nous due to some acci­dent.   In the sto­ry­boards I depicted this by switch­ing over from grayscale to pur­ple tints.  These were done digitally.



Minxx — Music Video — Storyboards



This was a music video for Russ­ian pop­star Minxx, directed by David Courtemarche (aka DC5).  He’s gone on to work with Mar­vel stu­dios and on other great projects, so this was a fun project to work on.



I Want Him Dead” — Trailer/Storyboards

I Want Him Dead - boards 2010 Low Res 01


Here are some of the sto­ry­board I cre­ated for a Short indy film called “I Want Him Dead.”  It was pro­duced by Exer­tion Films in 2010.  The writer/director had a unique vision for a dark revenge com­edy inspired by the plan­ning and plot­ting of the Wiley Coy­ote char­ac­ter from the Looney Tunes car­toons.  The film went on win place­ment in sev­eral film fes­ti­vals and won best film at the Hous­ton Com­edy Film Fes­ti­val.  I sto­ry­boarded the entire film over the course of a cou­ple of days with the direc­tor.  I did these in pencil.



Red Cafe — Music Video — Storybeats

Red Cafe - Music Video - Concept Art - David Juarez 01


Red Cafe is one of these guys that P.Diddy was bring­ing up.  This was some art I cre­ated for 3 of the big­ger effect shots for his music video.



Den­nis Rod­man — Real­ity TV — Storybeats

Dennis Rodman concept art 01


These are some of the story-beats I did for a pro­posed real­ity TV show for for­mer NBA star Den­nis Rod­man.  The idea behind the show what that Den­nis and his partner/sidekick on the show have dif­fer­ent extreme adven­tures every episode.  Some of the other adven­tures included deep-sea fish­ing, Paint­ball, and off-road racing.



Good Cop/Bad Cop — Ani­ma­tion Storyboards

The cops plan on busting a crime gang and their leader is posing as the witch in a theater production of the Wizard of Oz.  On stage they get the drop on her.  The three cops go undercover as the other character in the play.    They place her under arrest right there on stage.  The three cops are surrounded and out numbered by evil munchkins.  The witch as her henchmen close by posing as the munchkins.  The tables have turned.  With the audience looking on, our heroes are in a tight spot.

In this scene, the cops plan on bust­ing a crime gang and their leader is pos­ing as the witch in a the­ater pro­duc­tion of the Wiz­ard of Oz. On stage they get the drop on her. The three cops go under­cover as the other char­ac­ter in the play. They place her under arrest right there on stage. The three cops are sur­rounded and out num­bered by evil munchkins. The witch as her hench­men close by pos­ing as the munchkins. The tables have turned. With the audi­ence look­ing on, our heroes are in a tight spot.


Here are some boards I cre­ated for a new ani­mated show called “Good Cop/Bad Cop.”  The three cops, includ­ing our lead char­ac­ters Good Cop and Bad Cop, are going under­cover to arrest a crime boss who is also the actress play­ing the Wicked Witch in a stage pro­duc­tion of the Wiz­ard of Oz.  I really like doing ani­ma­tion because you’re only ever lim­ited by your own imag­i­na­tion.  In most live action pro­duc­tions you always have to work around the com­pa­nies bud­get and set lim­i­ta­tions, but in ani­ma­tion you can pull off some really elab­o­rate shots.



Mad Dogs and Eng­lish­men — Storyboards

Mad Dogs - Trad storyboard sample

This was for a pitch film project, it’s about fast talk­ing would be mafia men.  The script was pretty clever and funny.  I did this tra­di­tion­ally with pen­cil and laid it out with arrows in Photoshop.


Aurora Music Video Storyboards


Aroarah is this great all-girl band in Cen­tral Cal­i­for­nia.  I was hired by the pro­duc­tion com­pany who was film­ing their lat­est music video at the time.  Here is a sam­ple of the boards I cre­ated for that project.


Beer Com­mer­cial Storyboards

Back while I was still in col­lege I won the job to do the sto­ry­boards for a small micro-brew beer com­pa­nies’ first com­mer­cial.  I was really exited to do it and it turned out to be a great lit­tle com­mer­cial. It’s about these two guys who expe­ri­ence some strange things while at a bar, and it all has to do with Magic Hat Beer No.9.   These were done tra­di­tion­ally in pen­cil by hand.